One of the Best Defense Lawyers in Texas

If you need a top Texas criminal lawyer to help you fight back against allegations of your involvement with a felony criminal offense in Texas, consider reaching out to Mark W. Bennett. Attorney Mark W. Bennett one of the most respected criminal case lawyers in Harris County and takes pride in demonstrating the professionalism of his law firm; Bennett & Bennett.

If you’re facing years in prison due to felony charges related to drugs, violence, or a sexual offense, you’ll benefit from having a lawyer that understands his role in his profession. A lawyer that knows he stands in the way of the state’s best attempts to destroy a person’s life is the type of lawyer Mark is.

He knows the importance of conducting detailed investigations in criminal cases, weeding out false witness and coerced testimony, and using the law for his top priority; to protect and defend his clients. To be accused in Texas without access to skilled legal representation can be likened to a guaranteed condemnation. Moreover, even if you’re represented by one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Houston, winning in a trial can still be an uphill battle. However, having the best in your corner might be all one would need to win such an uphill battle and Mark is among that fraternity.

Mark doesn’t take on too many cases. When lawyers take on too many cases, it hinders their ability to be at their best and makes it even harder for winning to be the top priority. When attorneys have too high a caseload, it results in them seeking to close out cases via plea bargains quickly when better solutions might be available. With that mind, Mark doesn’t accept more clients than he can comfortably handle.

If you’re interested in meeting with Mark, Bennett & Bennett’s law office location is 917 Franklin Street in Downtown Houston. The building is within walking distance of the Harris County Criminal Justice Center. If you’re looking for a lawyer to help you defend yourself against felony charges on you or a loved one, the phone number to contact Mark is 713-224-1747.

Mark is Board Certified in Criminal Law per the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.


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