DWI & ALR Hearings: A Story

Administrative License Revocation in Texas

My wife, Linda, of 10 years had just left me and was threatening to file for sole custody of our two kids, James and Lucy. They were my life and Linda was going to throw it all away because of a single mistake; a short moment of weakness that led me to the arms of my secretary.

I swallowed the bitter pill, and went to drown my sorrows in my favorite pub, Moonshiners on Main St. We lived in Downtown Houston, a neighborhood and the business center in Houston where the small community of people who lived there was more like a close-knit family. It was, therefore, no wonder that everyone knew I had cheated and Linda was leaving me; the sympathetic pats on my back caused me to feel sorry for myself.

Finding my way home, Didn’t Consider a DWI Case

Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson
My DWI Lawyer

I did not realize how much I’d been drinking until I tried walking to my car. “Tim, should I call you a cab?” Jake asked, but I couldn’t hear any of it.

After all, my house was a few blocks away, and I could see clearly. That was another unfortunate decision I had made because just I was about to take the last turn to my house, a traffic police car came out of nowhere, and I had to stop. The traffic policeman came up to me and asked me to step out of the vehicle which I did.

Needless, to say, I was arrested for DWI and taken to jail where I immediately called my lawyer, Attorney Tad A. Nelson.

Taking a breath test during a Houston DWI stop

I was told to take a breath test which I considered refusing, but my lawyer told me to do it since refusal would mean suspension of my Texas Driver License. The results came back registering a 0.09 blood alcohol concentration level. I thought since I had agreed to the tests, I was safe only for Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson to tell me that I had failed the tests since my BAC was above 0.08.

Consequently, they suspended my driver license, Tad, ever the optimist told me it was okay because I could contest the suspension by requesting a hearing for an Administrative License Revocation. However, I had only 15 days to do so otherwise the suspension would go into effect 40 days after my arrest. Until then, I had to use a temporary driving permit.

ALR Hearing

Tad was quick enough to request a hearing within the stipulated 15 days, but I was getting impatient because three months had elapsed and there was still no response. Tad explained that the letters could take up to 120 days and true to his word, on the 115th day, I received a letter detailing the date, location and time of the hearing. Unfortunately, the Department of Safety proved its case and suspended my license for 6 months.

Consequences of Texas Driver License Suspension

Tad warned me to be careful not to drive with my suspended license no matter what because the judge makes no exceptions. If I ignored his advice and got caught DWLS (Driving While your License is Suspended), I would be punished under Class B misdemeanor which attracts a fine of up to $2,000 and up to 6 months of jail time on Harris County Jail. Alternatively, they could extend my suspension period with a time equal to the original suspension period. With such grave consequences, it was in my best interests to keep away from the driver’s seat until the six months of suspension passed and avoid drunk driving as well.

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