How Greed & Prostitution Led to Jail time

Mary had blossomed into a beautiful young woman often catching the uninvited stares from men and the envious looks of other women who saw her as a threat to their marriages. However, Mary had always carried herself in dignity, saving her purity for her future husband, whoever he would be. That was her pledge until her mother passed on and being the only child of a single mother, the harsh reality of life hit her.

Mary’s world crumbles

Her mother had been a waitress, and the money she earned was barely enough to put food on the table, pay the rent, tuition and other bills. Still, she had made Mary’s world turn out to be a heaven and now that she was no more, Mary had to take care of herself. The landlord, Peter, was very understanding at first, saying she would stay in the apartment until she found a job. However after a few months, jobs she got hardly paid her rent, and Peter became impatient and threatened to throw her out.

Making a deal with the devil

Houston, TX prostitute on BissonetteMary was desperate, she had nowhere to go and no one to turn to so she told Peter she would do anything to keep the house.

‘A beautiful young thing like yourself should not have to work so hard, you know,’ said Peter one evening.

‘Why not? Don’t you want your rent paid on time?’ Mary asked in all innocence.

‘I do, but there are many ways of paying more than rent, you work so hard, yet you can’t feed yourself well. I could help you if you want.’ Peter responded sizing her up and feasting on her with his eyes.

‘Okay. I will come to your house. Right now, I am late for work.’

That evening, Mary found herself knocking on Peter’s door. It’s true, she toiled Mary, but the money she got was not enough, and she needed to seek more, and if Peter had other business opportunities, she was welcome to them. Peter explained that men were willing to pay hundreds of dollars for her company and Mary would not even have to look for them because he would get them for her. The mention of hundreds of dollars in a day was all the motivation she needed seeing that $100 was what she made in a week from the little Rose Café where she was a waitress.

Getting Busted for Prostitution

Peter sought all kinds of clients for Mary since he was also getting handsome profits in return. One day, he unknowingly brought in James, an undercover police officer who had gotten wind of the work Peter was doing. Mary was ready to do her part of the deal when James told them they were both under arrest.

‘For what? I’m only trying to pay my bills!’ Mary shouted as James handcuffed her.

‘Well, young lady, you are in Houston, Texas and prostitution is a crime. How old are you?’

’15,’ she said as Peter gaped knowing what was about to happen.

‘As for you, sir, you are pimping an underage woman and forcing her to prostitute herself.’

Paying for their greed

Mary, having never been convicted before of similar crimes was found guilty of class B misdemeanor which meant she would spend up to 180 days in jail and pay a fine of $1,000. Peter’s defense lawyer argued that they would not charge his client with compelling prostitution since Mary had consented to it. However, the judge still sentenced him to 15 years in prison and $5,000 after finding him guilty of pimping the services of a minor. His lawyer made a probationary deal with the state of Texas. The truth is they were lucky since Peter’s second-degree felony attracted a sentence of between 2 and 20 years and $10,000 while the Class B misdemeanor attracted $2000 fine.


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