Common Reasons for Hiring Surveillance Professionals

When people hire a Houston private investigator for surveillance purposes. It’s because they need to keep an eye on someone or something, and usually for legitimate purposes. Although private investigators distance themselves from the term, it is the business of espionage and snooping.

Espionage is important for many reasons which include legal, financial, marital, national security, and criminal defense and prosecutorial matters.

Criminal Surveillance

Surveillance Agent for Private Detective Agency

Police agencies like the CIA, FBI, and local law enforcement agencies engage in surveillance or criminal justice espionage often with activities like phone taps, GPS vehicle tracking, and stakeouts. That kind of surveillance is what we consider law enforcement or “prosecutorial” surveillance, but other types of criminal investigations could be focused on exonerating a person that was falsely accused of a crime.

Imagine that you were accused of a crime and the police believe, for good reason, the evidence against you is valid and that you’re lying. What if a person, a witness, made a compelling argument against you, with evidence, but they’re lying or believe they’re telling the truth, but aren’t. This is a legitimate reason to hire a private eye for mobile surveillance, evidence collection, investigating witnesses, and more. Most criminal defense lawyers employ private investigators for purposes related to criminal justice matters.

Civil Surveillance

Legitimate reasons to follow someone and keep an eye on them could include court-order compliance or child custody purposes, theft investigations, also don’t forget that security guards conduct surveillance for property defense purposes, insurance fraud investigations, marital infidelity surveillances and more. In Houston, TX, Gradoni & Associates is one of the most respected private detective agencies in town for conducting surveillance on behalf of law firms, corporations, and private individuals. They’ve conducted surveillances for private corporations like insurance companies and law firms and have also busted cheaters on many occasions.

To make contact with the agency, call J.J. Gradoni directly at 713-701-1415 or 281-440-0800. Mr. Gradoni is a licensed Texas private investigations and has held his license since 1989. If you’re interested in working with one of the best private eyes in the business, don’t hesitate to contact their office at your earliest opportunity. They are the real deal when it comes to hiring private detectives in Houston, TX.


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